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Arts & Entertainment

A guide to Cambodia arts and entertainment

Food & Drinks

A guide to food and drink while traveling in Cambodia

Festivals & Events

Public holidays mean a lot of governmental offices, shops, banks, embassies closed which may affect your travel in Cambodia. Some hotels require compulsory dinner on certain occasions. Some public holidays in Cambodia are based on the Gregorian Calendar and most based on the Lunar Calendar.

Religion & Ideology

Thearavada Buddhism is practiced by 95 percent of the population and is recognized in the constitution as the state religion. Besides, Christianity is small, but is growing in urban areas like Phnom Penh. Muslim is practised among the Cham people. Taoism and Confusianism are practiced among the Chinese people.  In the mountains, animism is dominant among the hill tribes.


The Cambodian language is Khmer which has been influenced considerably by Pali and Sangkrit from India. Also, the Khmer language is influenced by spoken and written Thai. Some technical terms are borrowed from French. Khmer is different from those in the neighboring countries that it is not a tonal language.