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Cat Toc

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Phan Thiet Mui Ne Fishing Harbor

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Passports & Visas

A wall made of broken vases in Tho Ha Village

Private Tour Vietnam can arrange visas for the traveler whose Vietnam travel services are arranged by our company. Please be kindly informed that Private Tour Vietnam is registered as a tour operator and travel agent in Vietnam and hence not allowed by law to guarantee any travels if we are not the travel organizer from the arrival into Vietnam till the departure from the country. 


Money & Banks

Incentive party in Ninh Binh

Money and Banks in Vietnam, the country is primarily a cash based society although with an ever increasing number of travellers, Vietnam joining the international community and increasing international trade, credit cards are becoming more common. Especially from April 01, 2007 Vietnam is to fully open its financial sector to WTO member countries; the banking infrastructure is expected to get much better.

Arts & Entertainment

Quan Ho folk songs

Arts and performances show perception of people towards nature as well as the social life around them. Through arts and performances we understand the life and culture of a community at present as well as many years ago. The Vietnamese has been cultivating their agrarian life starting in the Red River Delta for thousands of years. They have been in close touch with nature and they have passed on a rich culture from the ancient times.